Prove Me Wrong and I'll Pay You US$1,000

My critics often claim that "This book is all lies hate speech and Islamophobia!!!!" 

Well talk is cheap and none of these people have been able to back up their allegations when asked to do so.

In contrast, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and offer a US$1,000 to the first person who can prove any part of this book substantially wrong.

What do I mean by "substantially wrong." Well obviously I'm not talking about typos. Also, I am not talking about incidental information which is slightly off the mark. In earlier editions, there were a few slight errors pointed out which were fixed. The errors were minor, they were incidental and were usually fixed by a slight rewording.

I have listed these errors on a separate page so that people with earlier editions can see the upgraded information. The web page can be accessed HERE.

If someone were to find an error such as these, I would pay a consolation prize of US$100 (and I would fix the error).

To claim the full prize money, a person would need to show that the information about Islam itself is incorrect or misleading. I will pay out if you can show how the Islamic doctrine I have quoted is incorrect or taken out of context.

I will pay out if anyone can show that the information about Islam contained in this book is contrary to the four main schools of Sunni jurisprudence which cover around 90% of the world's Muslims.

I will most definitely pay out if anyone can show that this book, in any way, shows hatred towards Muslims or incites violence towards Muslims.

I will also pay out if anyone can show that this book contains examples of Islamophobia (defined as "an irrational fear of Islam").

If you wish to claim the money, simply leave a review on Copy and paste the text from the book you believe to be wrong and explain your reasoning and quote your sources. I will then leave a comment on your review either proving it wrong, or asking for your banking details so that I can pay you the money.

I wish you luck,

Harry Richardson

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