For Australian Buyers

However, although the price is around a very reasonable US$6.00, the postage is around  US$12.00 and there will be a wait of around three weeks. 
If you have a paypal account or are happy to do a bank transfer and wish to buy from me directly, please send me an email to: 

and I will ship a copy ASAP. the cost is AUS$10.00 plus postage (see price list below) and usually takes just a few days.
For those who wish to print it out themselves, you can download a PDF HERE FOR FREE. Officeworks will print and comb bind an A4 version for around $13.00 but trust me, the paperback is much nicer.

Total cost including postage

One book                            $13

Two books                          $26

Three books                        $39

Four books                          $52

Five books                           $63

Six books                             $73

Seven books                         $83          

Eight books                          $93           

Nine books                           $100

Ten books                             $107           


  1. This is the first time i have really read anything on this subjecnd and i am staggered at what i have read here and want to red this book cover to cover this is a disease spreading through the free world i would hope we never see a SUZ here or there would be trouble on the streets as someone said in a post i saw it took two bombs to quell the Japanese threat of domination and i know we have much more effective weapons available today . As far as calling us racists at least we don,t cut off their heads because they don,t follow our way of life (theres an idea ) everybody open your eyes to this disgusting crap hidden under that word i personally hate RELIGION

  2. This sounds great. I have been in just such the position Harry describes so I am going to but a few paperback copies to start off my lifelong mission to inform people. I have been trying for around 8 years so far with some success as I have read a lot. But there are some amazingly stupid people out there, even with the blatant evidence they are closed. This is a v human trait and we never learn from history. They will just wake up one morning to find they live under Islamic dictates and they will be the first to start screaming as their red wine now has to go underground black market, their women live in fear etc etc etc

  3. Keep up the GOOD work Harry


  4. I have ordered three, they will be gifts to friends.