Contacting Your Elected Representitive

All of the ministers, assistant Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries in the Australian Federal Government have received copies of “The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled” and need a push to read it. A list of these people and their contact addresses can be found HERE. (Click on each one for their contact details)
The most effective way to contact them is with a handwritten letter, but nearly as effective is to print a letter out, sign it by hand and then mail it to them.
You could print it out multiple times and send it to several random members on this list (remember to change the name of each one).
When writing your letters you should try to use the correct protocol which can be found HERE.
Keep your letters short and polite, reminding them that they have received a copy of The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled  by Harry Richardson and asking them to read it. Give your reason why you think this is vital. The more letters they receive, the more likely they are to read it.
This is such an important endeavour which can mean the difference of life and death for our society. Thank you for caring enough to do this
Harry Richardson


  1. Thank you Harry for this information. I will write an enquiring letter to my MP, one Peter Hendy, Eden-Monaro.

  2. I shall also be writing to my member and also the PM - we must stop this invasion into our country, NOW

  3. Thanks Harry...Some years ago, I visited the Gulf states regularly on business, .meeting well placed businessmen and bureaucrats such as Deputy Minister of Defense and boyhood friend of the late Sheik Al Maktoum,...and members of the Al Sabah family....Their courtesy and hospitality was exceptional, the religious / political environment more relaxed.

    However, autocratic rule,..privilege and discrimination..were sowing seeds of discontent...I have read much on Islam including a synopsis and reprinted sections of your book and found it very enlightening.

    In these times of significant Islamic threat locally and internationally the public and particularly media commentators,..judiciary,.. law enforcement,..police and politicians must better understand Islam and the mentality of Muslims.

  4. I'd like to read it first before I demand others do. How do we get a copy? Is it available online to read?


  6. The avarage courier is not permitted to wear a full face motor cycle helmet into a bank, or on public transport, or into any public Government office. Why is there a spineless exception offered to these burka wearers, which permits full face covering and puts them above other Australians.