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Fighting against Islam?

 A new weapon is now available.

It may seem as if you are banging your head against a wall. It may seem as if no one wants to listen to what you are trying to say. You’ve tried explaining patiently. You tried explaining forcefully. You want to grab people by the lapels and scream it at them, yet nothing seems to get through.  

They call you a nut job, a racist, a bigot and worse. Friends avoid you, some of them insult you, but here is the good news:

My name is Harry Richardson. I have been dealing with this problem for the last seven years of my life. My friends are the most politically correct people you can imagine. Ever since I learned the truth about Islam I have been trying to find ways to get this information through their thick skulls. 

Just like you I tried it all and just like you I failed to get through to them face to face.That was when I knew I had to write it down. I also knew that I had to write it in a way which would get around their prejudices and brainwashed conditioning. 

It took six long years to write a book which would do just that. I knew it had to be short and very interesting to keep people reading. I also knew that it must not be a hateful, racist rant. If it had been, the the politically correct and the intellectuals would simply refuse to read it.

It wasn’t until I started, that I found that I had a talent for writing.  My special talent is breaking down complex subjects into simple, logical and easy to digest information. 

I used the Islamic books themselves as a base. This gives enormous credibility to the reader. My goal was to create a book which could be serialised in “Women’s Weekly”. It had to be simple enough to appeal to a mass audience. Most importantly, by using Mohammed's life as a base, I was able to turn it into an incredible adventure story.

It is written with the purpose of getting through to the politically correct. It is not confrontational and sneaks up on readers. By presenting the facts logically and without bias, they simply cannot be denied.

The book works like a charm. I no longer argue with friends or colleagues about Islam. I simply hand them a copy of my book and wait.These days it has a 100% success rate. Once they start reading, they tell me they just cannot stop. After reading it, people understand exactly what Islam is. They know what its goals are and what we have to do to defeat it.

It was published on Kindle Christmas 2013 and in paperback through Amazon 6 months later. It is currently number 3 bestseller on for the subject of Islam and hit the number 1 spot on Amazon UK. It has over 280 reviews on of which 90% are 5 star.
Here are just a few recent reviews:

Sister Carol Feb 12 2015
WOW! I couldn't put this book down! It's easy reading and a real page turner. I love to learn. My major is Cross-Cultural Studies, and learning the differences in Islamic thought and Western thinking is a whole education in itself. I have now bought 8 more of these and have had three sent to relatives while I will be distributing the other 5 with the hopes the receivers will pass them on and/or buy more for their friends and families. We need to know this stuff; especially freedom lovers. By the way, I finished this book in three sittings...not that I had time, but because I couldn't put it down. Other things had to wait.

DogLady Feb 09 2015
Rarely can you find a book that as interesting as it is informative. You may think you understand Islam as I did, and yet find knowledge and insight that multiple previously read books failed to provide. It also helped me to understand a 'better way' to open the discussion on this very important issue without being obnoxious.
I consider this a Must Read for any one who values human rights, free speech, freedom of religion, and all he Constitutional rights that as Americans, we have taken for granted.

Brad Stinson Jan 25 2015
Absolutely astounding presentation of a little understood yet quite possibly the most important issue facing humanity in this early part of the 21st century. Richardson's style is simple, no big words or complex analysis. He simply takes the story of Mohammed from Islam's own writings and in 100 pages or so allows you to draw your own conclusions. Inevitably you come to the conclusion, as Richardson has and every practitioner of that religion, that to be a true Muslim one must be a follower of the Mohammed. This should be compulsory reading in every schoolroom, by every teacher and holder of public office irrespective of religion, race, colour or creed. I can't recommend this book highly enough, all politics and political posturing aside, if want to know what makes a follower of Islam tick.

 Since publication, only one person I am aware of reached the end of the book and still didn't believe it. Here is his review (my personal favorite):

 Well I did my homework after reading this book.....I was on a mission to debunk it. Well I was the ignorant one. This book is 100% spot on.....I went to the Muslim community center and asked the hard questions expecting a different answer....they hmmmm'ed and hawwww'ed but validated every single point in this book. To one brazen young man I asked why does no one know this? We make it so they don't ask. It's Allah's rule. Buy this book......then do the homework and you will be educated......

This book is the weapon that will destroy Islam. It pulls back the curtain to reveal the hideous truth about the Islamic deception. Most importantly, it does this in a way which the Politically Correct will read. Once they have read it they simply cannot deny it.

Reading about Islam and waiting for someone else to do something isn’t going to work. Here are three ways you can use this book to make a real difference.

     1)      You can read it online here for free. This may well increase your knowledge and effectiveness and you can share it with people. Unfortunately only a few will read a book of this size on a computer.

     2)      You can buy a copy of this book on Kindle for just (US) 99 cents and read it here. This makes a huge difference by lifting the book up the Amazon bestseller rankings. 
      The boost in publicity this causes just cannot be overstated. The credibility this book gains from its sales ranking on the worlds biggest bookshop is something money just can't buy. Even if you don't have a Kindle you can still read it on a free app for PC or I-Pad. You will of course need to open an Amazon account if you don’t have one already (it’s free and doesn’t take long).
      3)    The most effective way of course is to buy a copy of the book in paperback HERE. This is slightly more expensive at around US$6.90 plus postage but has a much greater impact. People WILL read this book in print. 
      I actually recommend buying two copies to save on postage as one will definitely be borrowed and passed around and around. For the price, they also make a great birthday presents for people you wish to convert to the cause. (Take a look and check out the fantastic reviews here).

      4)      Please “Like” and re post this on whatever social networks you can.

You need to do this because we are losing our societies, our cultures and our nations to a medieval death cult of barbaric ignorance. 

This book works by educating people to the awful truth and when they reach the end it inspires them to pass the message (and the book) around. On average, each book seems to be passed around at least ten times converting ten people along the way. 

I work at a major industrial installation and the book has gone “viral” both through the blue collar “Joes” and the upper management.
This book will destroy Islam, we just need to get it into the mainstream.