Up until now i haven't had a lot of comments on the site and don't wish to clutter what is essentially an online book with them. I have had a few however recently and thought I could put them on a separate page where people can view them.
I don't intend to censor them too much except where they are off topic or too rambling. If you want to post an article, please post a link which people can follow. This keeps the size down as people will not be forced to plough through long articles if they don't wish to. I am very short on time by the way supporting a family and promoting my print book. I apologise therefore if it takes a while before comments are posted here. I will reply sometimes in italics.
Without further ado then, here are the latest comments:

 I am looking forward to learn what I need to know. Thank you! on Introduction   Windrider Titan  

on 28/05/14

You are welcome, I hope it meets your expectations

ya very senseless       on Introduction on 28/05/14   


Sensible criticism is always welcome, it has helped me to greatly improve this book. If you have any sensible criticism, I would love to hear it.

I found this book extremely eye opening and informative and in fact stayed up all night to read it. I will be sending copies to my MP and other party leaders and making sure my friends and family read it. I have already recommended it to my facebook friends and on groups I am a part of. I will certainly be fighting for the 2nd resolution to happen and know many others that will also. Thank you so much for the time, effort and research you put into this. Very much appreciated. Christine on 33 How to Explain Islam to People
Anonymous on 25/05/14

Thanks for the compliment. After 6 long years writing this book it is very gratifying to hear that people found it useful and informative.  

 The You Tube link has been taken down. Typical. on 22 Free Speech Today   Anonymous on 25/05/14

 Thanks for the tip. I will check it out when i have time. If anyone can find this video elsewhere then please let me know.

Except Hindus do persecute and even murder people of other religions. on Multiculturalism Defined   

Anonymous  on 20/05/14

Sorry but i don't know much about Hinduism so won't get involved in that one.

hahaha... good try to promote christianity and slam Islam... try harder on 4 Emigration to Medina sa  

on 13/05/14

Please let me know if anything written here is false. I take this very seriously. I have no intention of telling lies in order to make Islam look bad or Christianity look good. People will kill me for doing that. I have tried hard to show the truth.

 Needs lots more footnotes, for example (3) in chapter 4 - how do we know most Muslims are ignorant of Islam?, what form of Arabic is used for their books, that scholars are against translation?

SpinachLover on 10/05/14

Apologies. This book is not intended to be overly scholastic.  The main point of the book is to give people a start in the subject so they will have an idea where to look up the information for themselves. It is also intended for a more general audience. My personal goal was to write something which could be serialised in "Women's Weekly." If I have achieved that then I will be happy. There are books out there which are more detailed and better researched than mine (The Third Choice by Mark Durie comes to mind) but most people won't read them.

"book publishers (see press above)" - where? The word "press appears above only under Government" on 24 Media influence SpinachLover on 13/05/14

The intent of the sentence is that what applies to the press (newspapers) also applies to book publishers, i.e. intimidation political interference and pressure from large Muslim shareholders. Although this could be called an assumption, try writing a book critical of Islam and see if you can get it published.

how much would it cost to buy a fence, do you supply? on Multiculturalism Defined
on 23/04/14
 Sorry no, Governments are supposed to protect the borders of our nations but Western Governments seem intent on abolishing them. Read "The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled" for one possible explanation of this strange phenomenon.

Muhammad´s mother died when he was six. And I saw a website explaining the faulty logic behind saying Allah was/is the moon god. For now though this will do: Also while Muslims believe Muhammad was a better person than anyone you or I would ever see they do have hadith where he does make mistakes. (Unless you wanted to point out the faulty logic of that?) Perhaps, too since this is a book for your purposes you could move the note part on this page first so they don´t just put it down not liking what they see. on
1 Early Life Anonymous  on 01/04/14

Thanks for the sensible comments, when i get chance I will try to look into this 

Islam is the truth and most people just wont to do what they want to do and have no consequence for there actions. They make a lot of excuses even to the point they change the word of god to fit there desires. But in the end we will see who go's to hell and who go's to heaven. on Multiculturalism Defined Anonymous   on 12/04/14

Please feel free to believe what you like about the afterlife. I will defend the right of anyone to hold their own beliefs. However when people start imposing  their beliefs on others through threats and violence I will do everything in my power to stop them. That is why I wrote "The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled"  

you are pathetic How do you waste all this time collecting of facts and fictions to produce such stupid analysis this is the way how a Despicable & immersed person like you try to play genius on 8 The Battle of Badr
Anonymous    on 15/07/15

Please give specific examples of anything in this book which you believe to be fiction. To save time, you can check it first in the Islamic holy books which are mostly available online.

 This is an excellent book. I am ordering copies for my family and friends. I would urge all Muslims, Christians and the public generally to read about the life, values and behaviours of Mohammed and Jesus Christ. Rob N. Queensland, Australia. on For Australian Buyers
   on 06/07/15

 Glad you liked it Rob

 This is getting more and more true as it gets more depressing.. Does the total lack of comments here so far just mean that nobody is reading this? That is even MORE depressing. Holy shit! It's almost laughable (better laugh..). Yeah let's all just laugh and be a caravan-load of smiling PC multi-culti dhimmis on their way to our slaughter at the hands of a gangster religion. We'll get what our unbelievable stupidity will bring us, it seems. on 17 Khaybar, the First Dhimmis
Anonymous    on 01/07/15

No, people are reading and commenting but i do not want comments cluttering the blog. Sorry I haven't been more proactive in posting them here.

 If this information doesn't shake Westerners out of our lethargy, I can't imagine what will. on 31 The Project
Anonymous    on 08/06/15

Lots of us are being shaken 

 Dear Mr. Richardson, Fantastic book. Thanks very much. I downloaded the book online and read it. I agreed so much with you. Not only that i will recommend/suggest it to friends, politician etc. Ever since, ISIS started slaughtering human beings i have thought how dangerous can be the consequence of Islam. In fact, it concerned me enormously. If we do not think of effects of Islam, the day will come when our descendents - irrespective of their country - will lose the precious freedom. I agree with you: we should not have no enmity against Muslim. Absolutely nothing. If we had been born in Muslim, we too would behave exactly in the way they behave. Muslims are not enemies of humanity, but the Islam definitely is. I would not mind a damn about Islam, had it not been encroaching the freedom of others. However, it does. In fact, it is its core philosophy. In fact, i do agree with you, Muslims should be allowed to question, debate on what is discussed in the book. As Muslims should on 1 Early Life
Be For Truth and Peace
on 31/05/15

Thankyou for taking the time to understand the message completely.

 Amazing post. on The Story of Mohammed
max den
on 16/05/15

Thank you

 Well done thanks for doing this hard work. It is easy to read and understand and makes a lot of sense. Thank you. on 18 More About Dhimmitude
Anonymous    on 02/05/15

You're welcome

 In addition to what is known and just beneath the earth's surface, which often one should not see, hear, feel, say or even smell it, the islamic culture does stop at practicing sharia law by the muslims, 'everybody' is compelled to do so. The culture spells it out clearly 'one must be a muslim by whatever means'. And that is what most societies are sliding into, where muslims have taken a sway. Now violence in the streets is becoming normal, while so many places have barred even the security from reaching there! Muliculturalism is a tool set by those who have evil and barbaric culture to silence humane culture. it is another way to terminate anything good about mankind for barbarism to rule, not just man and animals but even the air. on Multiculturalism Defined
Anonymous    on 12/04/15

 This is a very nice piece and it also describes very well the situation we are in here in Canada where we are in the process of loosing free speech altogether. I don't know how we can reverse this trend. on Multiculturalism Defined
Anonymous    on 11/04/15

In one word, "Education".

Just received this link: on About This Book
Is it authentic?
on 07/04/15

The quotes are all from the Koran if that is what you mean and they are not taken "Out of context" either.

We missed the one opportunity to keep this evil called "Islam" out of our wonderful country. It had once been labelled correctly as incompatible with the Australian way of life and hence undesirable. FGM is just one example of what this evil has brought. Like all evil, everything Islam is done in secret. Unless freedom loving people in our nation and around the world get up and do something positive to remove it, we'll simply have to wear it! on 26 Female Genital Mutilation
Anonymous    on 01/04/15

You can thank Malcom Fraser for that one I believe 

 Harry, the front cover photo no longer appears on the downloaded (PDF) version - has it been removed, and if so, why ? on About This Book
Steve Mangan
on 31/03/15

It wasn't intentional, email me at and I will try to send you a better copy

 Thank you Harry, for your honesty and corrections to the record. It gives me confidence to recommend this book to others. Regards, CDM on Corrections to Earlier Editions.
Anonymous    on 25/03/15

You are welcome CDM. I am trying to find the truth, if I make a mistake, I will gladly correct it. 

 Dear Brother, You have done a very hard work in writing this book. You would have read complete Holy Quran before writing this book. You are not late now. Please read it and you will only write huge number of books in favor of Holy Quran. I really wish. Note: you read complete activities of prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), the you will really love to him as a favorite person in the world. on About This Book
Anonymous    on 21/03/15

Hi Anonymous,
I have read the Koran and Sira and as much Hadith as is humanly possible. Please give me specific examples if you think I have made mistakes.

 Hi Harry. Thanks for writing your book. I think that the information is excellent, and the message extremely poignant, however the text layout is cumbersome and repetitive in it's drawing of points. While the text itself is quite easy to follow, your presentation would benefit greatly from a refreshed approach to organising the layout of the chapters and references. I hope this message comes to you as an encouragement, as I believe your message needs to be shared with all who are willing to understand. on Corrections to Earlier Editions.
Focus Pinky
on 18/03/15

Thanks for the encouragement Focus, my technical skills are not great and i fear to try  to rearrange in case i blow everything. The best way to share is still through the paperback.

 I'll admit I thought your book be written completely from a racist and Islamophobic point of view, which you talk about in your appendix (which is all I have read so far), so i guess you read my mind haha. I do think there is one problem from what I have read so far. This being that you talk about Islam being the same for everyone, from the West to the Middle East. This simply is not true, there is no one practiced version of Islam, the same goes for Christianity and the other major religions I am aware of. This is because what affects and changes religion most is culture and society, and perhaps politics. Therefore Islam in the USA is not the same as Islam in the ME or South East Asia. Sure one might argue there is one way in which Islam is to be practiced from what is said in the Quaran, this may be true but it is not the reality. Unfortunately this is the argument many people (often bigots etc and Islamophobes) use in their judgement of Islam, that it is inherently violent, on THE STORY OF MOHAMMED
Daniel Pearson
on 15/03/15

Thanks for your open minded approach. Questioning or even critisizing religious beliefs is not usually racist or xenophobic. People say this stuff to stop you from questioning their beliefs. I know this because many people (not just you) have been fed this viewpoint. I couldn't give every approach to Islam in such a small book but Islam is in many ways a journey. Many Muslims are on different parts of the journey which the Koran guides them in. Which part of the journey depends on circumstances. The endgame described in Islamic Doctrine looks a lot like ISIS. That is why many people could not understand why people came to Western countries from places like Pakistan and made an effort to fit in and then their children rejected the West and went back to more radical Islam. They were simply progressing on the journey as they were supposed to do. I recommend you read this book and then make up your own mind.

 Well done Harry; from what I've read so far this is a great book. I'm working on a similar one myself. on About This Book
AJ Liberphile
on 09/03/15

Thanks for the compliment

 It is not "RELIGION", it is mankind that is the problem. Jesus teachings are peaceful but man turned it into many wars. Islam, born not long after Christianity, began with wars and continues so : that between the Shiites and the Sunnis but mnd you, if they ever get together, wo betide the rest of us! KBO on For Australian Buyers
in response to This is the first time i have really read anything on this subjecnd and i am staggered at what i have read here and want to red this book cover to cover this is a disease spreading through the free world i would hope we never see a SUZ here or there would be trouble on the streets as someone said in a post i saw it took two bombs to quell the Japanese threat of domination and i know we have much more effective weapons available today . As far as calling us racists at least we don,t cut off their heads because they don,t follow our way of life (theres an idea ) everybody open your eyes to this disgusting crap hidden under that word i personally hate RELIGION , by Anonymous.
Dr Kevin Orr    on 28/02/15

Bit of a mistake. Mark Anthony never battled with Julius Caesar, but with Octavian (Augustus). And the latter wasn't from jealousy over Cleopatra. on 25 Women in Islam
Titus Lucretius Carus
on 22/02/15

Thanks for your correction. If i have chance I will check it out and update it.
 how come there are no comments? this book is so important to read. on About This Book
Anonymous    on 17/02/15

Sorry, I have disabled comments to prevent clutter
 Thank you for being willing to spend your time to research these matters in depth. My hope is that many will read your well researched articles and become aware of what is happening not only here in Australia but in other democratic nations round the world. . on Multiculturalism Defined
Edward Butler
on 12/02/15

You are welcome Edward

The difference between Islam and Non-Islam is that Muslim Martyrs will have fresh blood in them for years and centuries too. See the proof for it in Holy Quran Surah no 2 verse no 154 Surah no 3 verse no 169 to 171. But the Non-Muslim Martyrs will not have fresh blood in them for some hours too. See the proof for it in Holy Quran Surah no 2 verse no 161, 162 Surah no 3 verse no 85 and 91. So I request to Government of Pakistan that they leave the dead bodies of seven Taliban (who killed in Army Public School Peshawar) on Earth for some months in front of camera that we prove their falsehood because they will be decayed and they will not have fresh blood in them. I think by this way we can satisfy the Taliban about their wrong beliefs and then we can stop them from killing the Muslims. For more details every one can contact me. on Multiculturalism Defined
Anonymous    on 10/02/15

Interesting experiment. I somehow doubt the Govt of Pakistan will oblige.

It would be nice if you put the blog archive in reverse order so that the chapters would be in the right order. on Introduction
Anonymous    on 20/01/15

Sorry, it is very difficult to do these things on this platform and i have no technical support. Click the link at the end of each page for the next chapter.

You have opened my eyes, sir. Until this day, I was shocked and deeply concerned by what I saw as 'xenophobia' from the Australian public concerning Muslims/Islam. Being a foreign immigrant myself, I was one of those people who thought, "Surely there can't be that many extremists! Are we right to 'pick on' the whole of the religion?" I feared for myself, next. What would I do to incite this xenophobia onto -myself-? But then, I realized my complete and utter ignorance of Islam as a whole. I knew next to nothing, and while I can't even remember now how I stumbled on your book, I am breathlessly, wordlessly glad that I have. You are right-- it is very simple. The Koran is perfect, Mohammed is perfect, and live by his actions. Then read Mohammed's biography. You, sir, are braver than I have ever been at any moment in all my life this far. I hope to not only be part of a strong Australia, and to be part of an educated resistance to violence and oppression... But to continue on Multiculturalism Defined
Anonymous    on 13/01/15

Glad to give knowledge where possible.
 Where can I download a copy in Portuguese? Paulo on About This Book
Anonymous    on 11/01/15

It is now available in Spanish (see home page) and Portuguese is hopefully on the way.

Brilliantly done. Thank you. on 33 How to Explain Islam to People
Anonymous    on 09/01/15

 Harry Richardson you are not a good researcher even you dont have the knowledge about your holy bible. the story are not taken from the bible is batter to read your bible then you read holy quran before you read holy quran you must to know Arabic language if you dont have any knowledge in Arabic you cannot understand the quran on 3 Islam Grows
Mahboob Alam
on 08/01/15
I don't understand Hebrew or Aramaic but can still understand the Bible. Why is the Koran any different? Why is Arabic the only language which people claim can never be translated when all others can be?
 good, ban the fucking muslims from having the right to live! on About This Book
Anonymous    on 29/11/14

I personally would much prefer to show them the error of their ways. If we do it clearly and stop pretending that Islam is a religion of peace they will desert it in droves.
 I will be anonymous to confuse the Jihadists. Have not finished the book but greatly appreciate your effort in writing it and so far it is GREAT. That lovely Muslim you know is still in the dark. Once he gets enlightenment and truly follows his beloved prophet he will be just like the true believers in ISIS. That is what is what this book is about. Knowing the prophet is knowing who all Muslims aspire to be. DP (Anonymous) on The Story of Mohammed
Anonymous    on 29/11/14

They will either join ISIS or leave Islam. I believe most will not want to join ISIS. Those who do are our enemies and need to be dealt with accordingly.
 I will from now on refer Mussies as Mohammedans. on 3 Islam Grows
Anonymous    on 28/11/14

Fair description for all mainstream sects of Islam.
 God bless you, Mr. Harry Richardson! Thank you for sharing the truth of the life of Mohammed with us. Jesus said that He's (Jesus) the Way the Truth and the Life no man cometh unto the Father (in Heaven) but by Me (Jesus!). Jesus is the only One who had the qualifications and authority to make that statement! Jesus' life was flawless - no sin! Born-Again, marty on About This Book
Anonymous    on 16/11/14
Glad you liked it and learned something of value
 Have just finished typing letters to every Senator listed, urging them to read "The story of Mohammed, Islam Unveiled" Now ready to address envelopes and post. Thank you for addresses etc. Onward and upward! on Contacting Your Elected Representitive
Anonymous    on 06/11/14
Thanks Anonymous, you are the reason we will win this fight you can purchase a copy. I have already purchased 5 copies to give away to friends and family. One I have kept to lend to people. Really worth reading and not at all expensive. on Contacting Your Elected Representitive
in response to I'd like to read it first before I demand others do. How do we get a copy? Is it available online to read?, by Nick.
Anonymous    on 06/11/14
 Thanks Anonymous
 "Few people will read a book this long on the computer unfortunately", Well I have and couldn't put the book down, in fact, I was up until the early hours of the morning reading it. A great deal of research of both time and effort, has been put into this book, and I thank you for this. on 33 How to Explain Islam to People
Anonymous    on 04/11/14
I'm glad you could read it for free, most prefer the paperback.
 I want to get this book. I think everyone needs to read it. We think being tolerant and loving will keep Islam at bay. Hmm dont think so!! on For Australian Buyers
Anonymous    on 23/10/14
I think you are right! 
 Everyone in Australia should read this book and act on it. on The Story of Mohammed
Janine C
on 09/10/14

Thanks Janine, people like you will make it happen
 I feel this book is far too long, requiring much determination to finish it- or, maybe that knowing all that's written here I succumb to boredom. Islam is quite simply the Greatest Lie, told many millions of times until it is believed. As I see it, Islam is the ultimate dichotomy, 'good cop, bad cop' both valid, useful in different circumstances. The most offensive ideas are (supposed) Muslim supremacy (ridiculous, considering the abject failure of most Muslim countries), fatalism (insh'allah) and totalitarianism. on 33 How to Explain Islam to People
Anonymous    on 02/10/14
Many feel it is too short, each to his own of course.
 Jihad COULD be defeated with nuclear weapons just as Imperial Japan was- except no nuclear armed nation has the resolve to do so, with the possible exception of Israel. How vulnerable are Mecca and Medina, how would Islam cope with the loss of both of its 'holy places' and its hajj? on 18 More About Dhimmitude
Anonymous    on 02/10/14

I think education would still be preferable.
 this is bullshit....your emperialism is even not better or your middleage. crusades are tue same shit as Jihad and i know u even dont know what Jihad means....we have middleage in Islam and instand of helping us u make it More worst. on Introduction
Anonymous    on 29/09/14

Thanks for the assessment Anonymous. I didn't engage in imperialism though some of my ancestors did, as did the Muslims. The difference was that the West handed your countries back to you, the Muslims never give territory back, it is against your religion (read the Hamas Charter). The reason for the Crusades was the Jihad which subjugated the Christians in the Middle East who are still suffering greatly today. Though you may not want to admit it, I am helping you greatly by helping you to understand how your religion is holding you back. I strongly recommend you to leave although I realise that if your Muslim friends find out they are likely to kill you for it.
 This is so revealing. I've always been puzzled by the claim by Muslins that they have been or are being victimised after they have committed appalling crimes. There is a certain arrogance by any religion to claim that their deity is the only true God. on 7 Jihad Begins
Anonymous    on 29/09/14


 This is so revealing. I've always been puzzled by the claim by Muslins that they have been or are being victimised after they have committed appalling crimes. There is a certain arrogance by any religion to claim that their deity is the only true God. on 7 Jihad Begins
Anonymous    on 29/09/14

 On your Option 3, I think most non Anglo-Celtic migrants that have moved to Australia have come with the expectation that (i) they will keep the essence of their cultures after the move, but (ii) nothing needs to be changed in the greater Australian culture to accommodate them. I think "Multiculturalism" as now practiced in western countries has gone wrong because point (ii) has been breached, which in turn causes much resentment, understandably. Eg, no nativity scenes, no reference to Christmas as Christmas etc. Using the Hindus not eating beef as an example, I would imagine migrant Hindus (and those I know of) would still not eat beef, even when in Australia. However, I know not yet of any Hindu demanding that beef-eating be banned in Australia. Or that Macdonalds should serve only non-beef burgers. Or that greater sensitivity should be shown to them re their non-beef eating. Most migrant cultures that have settled well in Australia despite continuing to keep the essence of their on Multiculturalism Defined
Anonymous    on 27/09/14

 People of most cultures have been glad to fit in with Australian culture. If you wish to emigrate to a country you should be, not expect your hosts to make adjustments.

 The Western Australian Premier condemned Geert Wilders and said he wasn't welcome here. The venue he was going to speak at cancelled his booking..obviously both done to appease the muslims on 19 Dhimmitude Today
Anonymous    on 26/09/14

Very sad :(

This demonstrates that the Progressives have another agenda than 'human rights'. Their real and only enemy is and has always been Christianity. Wherever there is an opportunity Islam is first and foremost directed toward direct conflict with Christians and Christians alone. on 28 A Muslims Story
Anonymous    on 19/09/14

Control of the media in the purpose of creating dhimmies is the goal of both the followers of the OT and the Islamic copy, They are cooperating in hiding the true nature and goals of their respective brands. Hence, there is no call for proper scholarship and interpretation of the events held sacred in each, each being celebratory and encouraging of domination of their own versions of infidels or gentiles. This is without any possible contradiction save for establishment of a pharisate or its reflection a caliphate. Both the OT and the Koran establish and justify a theocracy with very little functional difference between the two. Consider that despite the allegations of the two branches being the bitterest of enemies it's their doctrinally benign Christian cultures that are under constant perpetual attack worldwide and not the allegedly bitterest foes which happen to be neighbours. on 24 Media influence

Well, I never heard of anyone being murdered for critisizing the Old Testament. I also don't see Jews blowing up airliners or building Synagogues all over the place. I also don't see anyone fleeing Israel or being taken as sex slaves by Jews. Having said that, maybe i'm not paying close enough attention.

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  1. Hi Harry,

    My sincere apologies for contacting you in this way. It is difficult to obtain direct email addresses these days and I fully understand why.

    I have tried unsuccessfully to make contact with Larry Pickering for several weeks by writing to various addresses that are available in the white pages.

    His website has an open invitation to contribute to the Pickering Post, but unfortunately there appears to be no way of contacting him to make such offers.

    As you can see from my website, I have extensive experience in the education system. I understand its limitations equally as well I an able to its politics and failings.

    I am interested to write a series of articles about the reasons the current education system has given rise to the myriad of problems that Australians face on a day-to-day basis.

    If you are interested, please read:

    If at all possible, could you please see your way clear to passing this message onto Larry with a request that he gets in touch with me to discuss the potential for contributing to his website.

    My contact details are:

    Stephen Quinton
    16/20 Medina Parade, Port Coogee WA 6163

    ph: 08 61026348

    Once again, please forgive this intrusion on your time.

    with sincere regards,

    Stephen Quinton